Anxiety Symptoms – Over 100 Reasons Why You May Or May Not Need A Shrink

Trying to figure out if you have anxiety or not is kind of pointless, because the answer is yes, you do have anxiety. The trick is figuring out whether it is serious or not. If you experience anxiety when you are late, have an exam coming up, or are stressed about a relationship, you’re normal.

Everyone is anxious sometimes, and for most people it doesn’t mean they need medication or a shrink. However, if you constantly experience anxiety about things that shouldn’t be a big deal, you might have generalized anxiety disorder.


This disorder is hard to diagnose, because it has over 100 symptoms. Even having over 10 of them doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the disorder. The best way to judge whether you have this disorder or not, is to think about how much your anxiety hinders your life. If your worrying has ruined relationships and caused you problems in work or school, read the symptoms and see if it sounds like you.

Rather than just listing the symptoms, I will talk about the most common ones. One of the most prominent ones is insomnia. If you find yourself unable to sleep at night because you are up worrying about this or that, it may be because of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can also cause you to wake up suddenly in a cold sweat, or cause you to clench or grind your teeth in your sleep.

Another sign of an anxiety disorder is constantly being on edge. This can cause all kinds of problems. One is that you will be startled very easily. It can also cause tension headaches and sometimes nausea. Often, this leads to anxiety that you are getting sick, which only worsens the problem.

Another staple of generalized anxiety disorder is heightened fear. One thing sufferers often fear is losing control. Interestingly, there is a common dream that goes along with this fear. In the dream, the person’s teeth crumble and begin to fall out, supposedly representing the loss of control.

Another common fear is the fear of impending doom. This is heightened worry about catastrophic events that will more than likely never happen. This can affect relationships with family and friends, because the person is constantly over-worried about their health and well being. Sometimes, people who appear as though they have their act together actually have this disorder. This is because they experience a heightened fear of what people think of them, so they try to put on the best faca possible. These people need to realize that millions of people suffer from anxiety and they are not alone.

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