Ten Ways To Better Sleep

Are you just plain tired? Are you ready for some relief? Well, look no further. Below are ten of the best ways to get some sleep. And, the best part of all most of them includes a form of instant gratification.


Tips for better sleep:

1) Exercise – This is the cheapest and most natural way to achieve better sleep. Studies have shown that people with mild insomnia who live lethargic lives report better and more constant sleep after about five weeks of exercise. The recommended amount of exercise is thirty minutes a day six days a week. Cardio is an important factor in this because it is the most helpful in reducing stress, leading to higher quality sleep.

2) Water pillow – Water pillows, such as the ever popular pillow, have been proven to work wonders on people’s sleeping habits. In a study done at Johns Hopkins University, this pillow came out on top by helping people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up more refreshed. Buying a pillow can be a fairly cheap and easy solution to a sleeping problem.

3) Aromatherapy pillow spray – These sprays are also cheap and come in pleasant scents such as lavender and green apple vanilla. Spray your scent of choice onto your pillow about five minutes before you lay down to get the full affect. The idea is that soon, you will associate that scent with sleep and relaxation, and it will become an inducer of sleep.

4) Your bedroom – Yes, your bedroom can help you sleep. The important thing is to make it a place for sleep, so that your mind will associate it that way. Only use it for sleep and sex. Take out the television, computer, and anything else that creates a distraction from the quiet soothing atmosphere.

5) Hot bath – If you just can’t get your body to relax and go to sleep even though your mind is exhausted, a hot bath before bed could be the thing you need. The hot water, not to mention the relaxing atmosphere, will make your muscles feel loose and ready for slumber.

6) Read a book – If it is your mind that is keeping you awake, it is a good idea to take your mind off of your own worries and onto someone else’s. There is no better way to do this than to read a book. Soon, you will have to stop reading because your eyes just won’t be able to stay open!

7) Routine – Falling asleep is largely psychological. Therefore, if you are having trouble falling asleep, it helps to give your brain psychological triggers that it is time to fall asleep. Things mentioned above such as a hot bath or curling up with a book can work, as well as things like drinking tea (decaf), listening to soft music and putting on a nice soft robe.

8) No alcohol – Alcohol may help you fall asleep at first, but the truth is you won’t stay that way for long. Once it begins to metabolize you will wake up and not be able to go back to sleep, or continue with light, restless sleep, leaving you exhausted the next day.

9) American Indian pillows – This is another special type of pillow that is said to help induce deep sleep. Used commonly by the American Indians, they are filled with certain herbs that are known to help people sleep. They are available on the internet and often have traditional American Indian designs on them.

10) Sleeping pills – Although these should be used as a last resort, they do work. There are risks involved, however, such as dependency and addiction. Use these only when you absolutely need to, and make sure you have at least eight hours to sleep when you do.

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