How bad relationships can cause heart attacks?

Nothing beats the pain of having your heart broken by someone you truly, madly, deeply in love with. It is true that ending the relationship is probably the nastiest and the most hurtful scenario in a romantic relationship. Nobody wants their hearts to be broken, and no one can really tell what it feels like unless they are or have been in that situation already.

Yes, going through a bad relationship is tough, and lucky and brave are those who survive it. Unlucky, however, for those who suffer from heart attacks because of a broken heart.

According to a recent study in Europe, it has been observed among thousands of British civilians that it is possible for an individual to have a series of heart attacks due to a painful and traumatic breakup experience. Experts who conducted the study claimed that stress and anxiety brought by a painful and traumatic end of a relationship can significantly increase a person’s risk in having or developing heart diseases.

Results of the study showed that an individual’s heart condition is not just determined by means of physical condition. It can also be influenced by the emotional stability or condition of a person. Therefore, an individual who has a happy and fulfilling relationship is less likely to develop coronary heart disease compared to the ones who are unlucky in love.

To spare your already bruised heart from added pain and trauma, the following are some ways on how to avoid developing heart diseases due to emotional heart issues:

1. Talk to someone about your feelings.

When a relationship ends, the women are usually the most emotional ones. They tend to relay the whole breakup episode to their girlfriends or relatives. The men, however, are less vocal about their emotions. With this, doctors often recommend male patients to find someone whom they can share their feelings with. Support from people who can understand what you’re going through can surely ease your emotions and heart pains.

2. Slowly acknowledge the fact that the relationship is over.

It is normal to feel hurt and betrayed once a relationship ends. However, the world will not stop and grieve at your lose. Move on. Accept the fact that the relationship is over and get on living your life. Although the process of moving on is hard, acceptance helps in keeping the mind and emotions calm after a hard and painful experience.

3. Go see a doctor when the pain progresses from emotional to physical instability.

Based on the recent study mentioned above, a person who is extremely heartbroken can die because of heart attack. So, if you feel that the emotional pain and stress are too much for you to bear any longer that it comes to the point when your health also suffers, go see your doctor to confirm your condition.

Although having an emotional breakdown is not just the only factor for developing heart diseases, it is better to let your doctor know and check your condition once heartaches turn to “literal heart pains”.

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