Sore throat

Sore throat describe diseases such as tonsillitis (tonsillitis), pharyngitis, laryngitis.

These diseases cause discomfort in the throat, which experienced in my life, everyone. When the discomfort becomes more tangible, it is clear that some diseases have begun throat.
A weakened immune system, frequent colds, acute respiratory viral infections can lead to these diseases.
Most people flippantly refer to it to occur, do not seek medical attention, are engaged in self-diagnosis. Not everyone knows that a sore throat can have different causes and primarily subject to the diagnosis.
Patients with these conditions should not drown out the pain so much as to see a doctor for help in diagnosis and treatment.

sore throat

Each person should know the symptoms of sore throat, which include itchy and dry mouth, pain when swallowing, hoarseness, dry cough, weakness of the body, fever, pain on palpation of lymph nodes, headache, redness of the throat, purulent plaque and others.
For diseases of the throat may be wavy. Latent period of the flow may be erroneously recognized for patient recovery. The danger is that the uncured disease progresses to acute or chronic, causing severe stress immune system.
If during any infectious disease immune system works with a particular stress, that sooner or later will affect the functioning of vital organs and body systems. For example, complications such tonsillitis known as pneumonia, joint disease, cardiovascular system, exacerbation of allergic diseases.
The man in the body which is hidden within a sore throat, is more vulnerable to the common cold, acute respiratory viral infections. Any infectious disease can be both a cause and a consequence of other diseases.

Diseases of the throat are often only symptoms of chronic diseases of the internal organs. For example, chronic pharyngitis caused in some cases pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.
In this situation, the choice of therapy should be based not on the treatment of diseases of the throat, and to eliminate the causes of dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.
Thus, the role of diagnostics in the elimination of a sore throat can not be underestimated. It is vital to establish the type of infectious agent causing the sore throat, as This information is based on selection of antibiotic therapy.

Treatment of sore throat in various medical institutions have traditionally offered medication, physical therapy, and surgical methods.

Recently, many clinics offer non-surgical treatment of diseases of the throat, consisting of individually selected antibiotic drug therapy and physiotherapy.

Therapeutic program for effective non-surgical treatment is chosen individually by an experienced doctor – of Otolaryngology-based diagnostic information.A unique physiotherapy treatment for a sore throat is the use of cryotherapy.
Meaning the method is a local action on the inflammatory focus liquid nitrogen temperature to – 80-90 degrees Celsius.This procedure causes hypothermia artificial tissue that leads to the death of infectious agents that rapidly proliferate there under the influence of heat of the human body, resulting in recovery occurs.
Everyone knows that the treatment of diseases requires an indispensable reference to the doctor, who appoints this treatment. However throat diseases can be treated with folk remedies, but must, once again, seek the advice of your doctor.
In the treatment of diseases of the throat is good to use garlic and onions. Finely sliced garlic and pour 50 ml of boiling water. After infusion for 2 hours into the nose Horizontal instilled several times a day.
Onion rubbed on a fine grater, squeeze through cheesecloth. The resulting onion juice, one drop is added in one tablespoon of water. This mixture should be instilled into the nose every hour.
These procedures are helping the dryness in his throat.

Digging in the nose of vitamin A in oil or sea buckthorn oil as well eliminate the dryness in the throat that cause diseases of the throat.
When the discomfort and pain in the throat proceed as soon as possible to the rinsing of herbal decoction of sage, chamomile, calendula and eucalyptus leaves.
These herbs are almost indispensable in its anti-inflammatory nasal mucosa and softening action.
Herbal teas are prepared to gargle rate of 1 tbsp. Spoon herb in 1 cup of water. The grass is brewed with boiling water, leave for 15-20 minutes, and a solution for the treatment of throat ready. During the day should gargle at least 4-5 times.
One teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. This solution is very good for manifestations paratonzillita – inflammation of the tissue surrounding the tonsils.
In the period of acute throat should gargle every 30 – 40 minutes, alternating between rinses. Tools for gargling should be applied in the form of heat.
Sore throat can be treated with the old and effective way – in the morning and in the evening after eating throat smear inside with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of Lugol.
Can be diluted in a glass of water at room temperature 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of honey. Rinse throat this solution 3 times a day. Before each rinse to prepare a fresh solution.
Okay “scrape” throat black radish juice. A glass of juice should be diluted with half a glass of water and gargle as often as possible. With a strong cough is recommended to take fresh juice of black radish inside. This is an excellent anti-inflammatory and expectorant.
If you have a normal temperature, you can hover your feet. Reflexologist argue that the throat energy channels associated with the feet. So, good warm up the lower limbs, you automatically warms and throat.
So, a sore throat can be treated not only by traditional methods, but also household. There are hundreds of them, we are met with a certain part of them.



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