Control your language

No, this isn’t about the language police, or trying to swear less (although the latter is probably a good idea). This is about being conscious of the words you use when speaking and thinking.

Language affects a person’s view of the world, and the way they think. Taken to the furthest extent, your language actually limits or delineates how you are able to perceive the world.

It’s a hypothesis, granted.

But on a smaller level, the language you use every day, both in thought and spoken word, has a cumulative effect on how you think about yourself, your work, and those around you.

This may seem like a silly example, but it might be the difference between seeing your day as filled with tasks, or filled with opportunities. The former is tiring and arduous, making you feel trapped in a daily grind. The latter is exciting with potential.

Be aware of how you choose to think and speak at work. Find a positive way to view everything and everyone.

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