Nice story

What’s in your mind and heart will remain forever

There was once a guy who was very much in love with a girl. He folded 1,000 pieces of paper cranes as a gift to her. Although at that time he was just a small fry in his company and his

future didn’t seem too bright he was contented with what he had.. for he was in love.. and they were both happy together..

Until one day, this girl told him she was going to leave the country for Paris and try to live a new life there with no intention of returning back. She also told him that she cannot visualize any future for both of them because he was poor and he had no dreams. He couldn’t believe what he just heard and couldn’t help but cry. She was his dream, his love, his friend.. she was his everything..

Just when he thought he had it all he gets to experience the true side of the world.. with all it’s misery in it..

But love is being able to accept the truth no matter how it hurts.. She broke his heart and yet he still loves her..

Days have passed, months have gone by and yet his feelings for her has always stayed the same.. 

He worked hard night and day to put his mind off the past.. 

He wanted to prove her wrong about the fact that he has no dreams.. he can be somebody someday.. 

Finally with all the hard work and help from his friends, he was able to build his own company..

One rainy day, while he was driving along the highway, he saw an old couple sharing an umbrella in the rain while heading to some destination. It didn’t take him a while to recognise them for they seemed familiar to him.. they were his girl’s parents..

He drove back to them.. slowly.. to show them how his life has changed. how successful he has become.. he’s got his own car, house, company.. he’s got it all.. 

But what he saw next confused him. The couple were heading to a cemmetery. Out of impulse he went out of the car and followed them. 

She was there.. his heart pounded so fast for he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.. He felt the warmth of his tears thrickling down his cheeks.. He was crying in the rain..

He saw his girl’s photograph smiling sweetly at him.. from her tombstone.. next to the paper cranes he once gave her.

Her parents felt his presence and looked back at him. Out of confusion he asked them why.. and how did all this happend..

She did not leave for Paris for she was ill with cancer, it was her cliché. She believed that he will make it someday and she didn’t want to be his obstacle. All she ever wanted was to be with him.. but she chose to leave him to spare him from her suffering and frustrations..

Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to,

doesn’t mean they don’t love you at all. 

She wanted

her parents to put his paper 

cranes beside her, because, if the day

comes when fate brings him near to her again… he will remember how much she loved him and how much he meant to her… 

Once you have loved someone, you will always love her.. forever. 

For what’s in your mind and heart will remain forever.

He cried in silence and whispered… 

“I thought I almost had it all

.. now i know what was missing.. you..” 

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