How to start day in a happy way

1. When you open your eyes take a half-smile and then give yourself a good morning wish to fully wake up and then spend a few minutes concentrating on your breathing and relaxing your body.
Why breathing? Respiration as well as being very important, just imagine what would happen if we stopped breathing, it is the connection between our body and our mind. Through our breath we can reach a calm and mental clarity. You might also like reading: The importance of proper breathing.

2. Do not jump out of bed and start the day as if you were living in autopilot mode.
When you get out of bed and rest your feet on the ground, be aware of what you are doing, start to live the present, remember happiness is in the present moment, the only moment we are alive. It may seem silly or obvious, but talking to yourself can help to live the present.

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” Eleanor Roosevelt
Welcome the new day

3. Decide your first thought. Do not let the first thought decide the course of your day.

Why do we have to decide our first thought?

Because the thoughts create our emotions and moods.

So what can we think?

It is important to think of something that puts us in the right mood, something that makes us feel good, happy and alive.

Remember happiness is a choice and we have the choice every morning to be happy or not, just choosing our thoughts.

Have a nice day

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