Daily affirmations

Start your day with gratitude, love,
and thoughts of positivity!

Thank you, Universe!
I am grateful for a wonderful and new day.
I am grateful for all that I have.
I am grateful for all that is coming to me.

I have a strong and healthy body.
My mind is clear and focused.
I have an abundance of energy.
My body is balanced and thriving.
I am healthy and happy both physically and mentally.

Money flows to me in expected and unexpected ways.
Wealth pours into my life effortlessly.
I always receive money with ease and grace.
I spend money with gratitude and love.

I accept and approve of myself.
I am surrounded by love and prosperity.
I spread love to those around me and it returns in abundance
I am worthy of receiving love.

All that I need is drawn to me.
My success is for certain.
I can achieve greatness.
I attract all good things to me.
My potential is limitless.

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