Focus on loving yourself

This is a time to treat your body and spirit with fierce, loving self-care.

-Listen to your body and give it what it needs to stay healthy.
-Make sure you get enough rest. Go to bed early. Take a nap.
-Take an afternoon off and do something that soothes your heart. Go for a walk in the woods, head to the beach, or read a good book.
-Eat as well as you can, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get all your vegetables, or eat an extra piece of fudge.
-Move in ways that feel good to your body. And move as often as possible. Even a ten-minute walk or some gentle stretching can improve your mood.
-Support your health and your spirit with loving words and actions throughout your day.
-Remind yourself all day long of how many reasons and ways you have to love yourself.

My favorite way to care for myself when things are tough is to take a warm bath or shower. I love taking time alone to nurture my body and spirit. I love to relax and let the water wash away my cares and worries. For me, bathing is the perfect way to end a tough day.