For a better life

1.Wake up early in the morning.

  1. Make your bed.
  2. Stretch as soon as you get out of bed.
  3. Hydrate first thing in the morning.
  4. Drink lots of water throughout the day.
  5. Practice breathing deeply throughout the day.
  6. Meditate before touching your phone.
    8.Plan + set your priorities before starting day.
  7. Plan your year, months, and weeks in advance.
  8. Keep your life in order with a life binder.
  9. Exercise 3-5 times per week.
  10. Make a vision board + practice visualization.
  11. Recite positive daily affirmations.
  12. Practice gratitude daily.
  13. Make time to reflect on life.
  14. Reframe negative thoughts into positive ones.
  15. Don’t worry about things you can’t control.
  16. Listen more than you speak.
  17. Laugh and smile freely.
  18. Flirt.
  19. Perform a morning skincare routine.
  20. Perform an evening skincare routine.
  21. Make +use natural beauty products.
  22. Wear sunscreen daily.
  23. Deep condition your hair regularly.