20 important life lessions


1.Your happiness is your business.

2. Invest in yourself you won’t regret it.

3. Have backup plans instead of plan.

4. Learn to be alone and love it.

5.Work hard and stay humble.

6. Love who you are and be confident.

7.Stand and speak up for yourself.

8.Failure is part of life, so learn from it.

9.You may have fewer friends than you think.

10.Be grateful for all accomplishments.

11.Take responsibility for your actions

12.Silence is powerful so use it wisely.

13.Think before you speak.

14.Invest in people who invest in you.

15.Everything does not need to be announced.

16.Your personal space is important.

17.Be you and do you, because you matter.

18.Set goals for yourself and work on them.

19.Learn to say no without feeling guilty.

20.Get a mentor to help you stay focus.