10 ways to make your relationship work

10 ways to make your relationship work.

  1. Open communication. You should always tell your partner how you feel. The things that are bothering you. Tell them. Do not make them read your mind.
  2. Consistency. Always be consistent.
  3. Make efforts. You have to win her every single day.
  4. Be patient with each other. Both of you will have bad days. Both of you have darkest side. One should compliment the other.
  5. Be loyal. Be faithful. Do not engage with other people anymore.
  6. Appreciate each others efforts. Appreciate even the simplest things.
  7. Lower down your pride and ego. Say sorry if needed but you should not always resort to that. Lean from your mistakes.
  8. Forgive. Always be the bigger person.
  9. Understand that both of you have flaws and that at some point your expectations will never be met.
  10. Pray.

Photo Pixabay