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For a better life

1.Wake up early in the morning. Make your bed. Stretch as soon as you get out of bed. Hydrate first thing in the morning. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Practice breathing deeply throughout the day. Meditate before touching your phone.8.Plan + set your priorities before starting day. Plan your year, months, and weeks …

Life lessons to rememeber

1. Our thoughts are powerful. 2. Live in the moment. 3. It’s okay to make mistakes. 4. Learn to forgive others. 5. Trust your gut. 6.Stop wasting time. 7. Allow yourself to have fun. 8. Never settle for less than you deserve. 9. Never give up. 10. Remain grateful.

Ways to instantly become more positive person

Pay less attention to negative thoughts. Ever found yourself lost in a loop of worry and concern? That’s called rumination, which is the process of continually thinking about the same dark scenario. Learning to recognize those thoughts for what they are—just thoughts—can aid you in pulling yourself together. Be kind to yourself. Cut yourself some …