Aronia – Siberian blueberries

The plant chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) has berries, that looks like a blueberry was named the Siberian blueberry, for two reasons. The first is that it is from North America, where it is the homeland of the earliest due to Siberia and the other because it is resistant to very low temperatures.

Aronia well tolerated Siberian winter cold and frost to -45 ° C. Steady and bush form, and if there is enough space can reach the height of 2 meters. Edible and medicinal plants of the fruit that is slightly bitter taste of blueberry. Also interesting is the fact that chokeberry well maintained so that the bush can be harvested two months after ripening.

The Plains Indians used for food by Aaron as dried fruit or grind them and combine with meat and in addition bread. Fresh fruits are often used as a medicine for stomach problems and aronia tea leaves for healing wounds.

Until recently, little known today is Siberian blueberries can obtain in most countries, it is easy to grow and for its exceptional healing powers are increasingly talking about the future of the aronia plant. Aronia has no natural enemies, so it should not be sprayed because of which belongs to healthy food.

Aronia in its fruits contain high concentrations of antioxidants (tannins, biofenole, flavonoids, anthocyanins, catechins), to the extent that even a much more powerful antioxidants than cranberries. It is therefore useful preventive against cancer, effectively purifying the body from harmful substances including heavy metals. Since vitamin containing C, A, E, B2, B6, B9 and very rare vitamin P. Since the minerals are calcium, potassium, iron, molybdenum, manganese, phosphorus, and iodine. In addition chokeberry sardzi and rare fruit sugar sorbitol.

The healing properties of chokeberry

The healing properties of chokeberry is difficult to enumerate a few of them but we can not omit mention the most famous: stimulates circulation, purifies the blood, eases headaches and migraines, lowers high blood pressure, good for the stomach and intestines, stops diarrhea, improves immunity, prevents development of viral and bacterial infections.

Especially prominent is its beneficial effect on bile and liver purifying and allows for more regular work of these bodies.

It is important to say and chokeberry regulate the proper functioning of the thyroid hormones, and regulates the work of the pancreas and may be useful in the treatment of diabetes (diabetes).

The oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC abbreviated in the translation of antioxidant capacity) is the unit of measurement of antioxidants in foods. After investigation, which were performed in the United States announced that 100 grams of ripe fruits chokeberry contains 16 100 ORAC units, while it is known that the optimal daily dose of 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units required for adequate antioxidant protection of human tissue and plasma. Thanks to that, not only prevents cancer but also helps in the treatment of cancer by destroying cancer cells.

Aronia and even encourages wound healing, the body slows down aging and skin, prevents wrinkles, protects against UV radiation.

Finally to say that the aronia often used in dried form or as a juice and in the garden if you have an empty place is not bad to have planted this plant. In addition to its healing power of Siberian chokeberry just looks good in spring when flowers and in July, when decorated with the fruits that you will patiently wait until September. So chokeberry and food and medicine. And who would not like?

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