Ten reasons why should you exercise

We know we should exercise because it’s good for us, but why? A lot of us think that our weight is fine and we have no desire to change how our bodies look, but the benefits of exercise are more than just shedding a few pounds.

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So why should you exercise?


During a workout your metabolism increases and after a workout it is higher than it would be without exercise.


After a workout, you body releases endorphins. These are hormones that increase pleasure and happiness. It’s basically a mood enhancer without having to take anything.


A few hours after you workout, and your blood pressure normalizes, you will sleep much better.

Improved Immune System

After a few weeks of somewhat regular exercise, the number of lymphocytes in your blood increases so you are better at fighting off infection.


Not only is a workout a great way to calm yourself down in the moment, but after weeks of training, you actually become less prone to getting stress.

Brain Activity Increases

Since you are improving your muscular function, your brain is making more and more neural connections which improves your brain function and memory!

Energy Boost

Exercise increases lung capacity, muscle strength, and endurance. Now, those flights of stairs or trip to the grocery store won’t cause your energy to be completely drained.

Confidence Boost

Even before you start seeing results or changes in your body, you will feel more confident. You start noticing “oh hey, I couldn’t run that far/lift that much/ do that move last week”. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Higher Life Expectancy

Our bodies are made to move. Studies are starting to find that exercising regularly can help improve life expectancy as much as quitting smoking (which is quite a lot!).

Quality Of Life

Sum all of this up and you start living a healthy and happy life. You feel great, you sleep great, and you are fretting about everything.
Now, what does “regular exercise” entail? Basically, just aim to do something active for an hour a day! Do some yoga, go for a walk, dance, run, lift weights. Just get off your couch and move!


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